Monday, September 8, 2008

did you know....

The fantastic C went and hosted the Seattle HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! edition, and helped kick the new season off with some good times and good foooods. (I guess it was her last hurrah before she went and got her bookworm on.) ANYWAY! Love that lady! And to be real, I LOVED SEEING MY GIRLS last night. What an amazing feeling to be with the people you don't have to explain yourself to again. Just all laughing and eating and taking random ass photos of ourselves with a bunch of grapes and a created understanding of "hedonism." ::sigh::

And to be real, I love that the women closest to me are some gorgeous women from the inside and out. It's hard to walk out on the street with my friends, and not want to make sure you CAME CORRECT. THEY KEEPZ ME ON MY TOES, SON!

(lookit how 1/2 busted we are in this photo, accompanying the entire paragraph about "coming correct.") I love my giiiiiirls! Welcome to the RIGHTCOAST, Sugarwalls!

GOsh, I am SO ENTHUSED, that I done did tucker myself out.

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