Thursday, August 7, 2008

diving deeper...

Fellow Jerseyan, R, has just hunted down copies of some comic books I've been looking read. Not to own. Because I'm watching Dark Knight for the first time with my sisters this Friday, I think he's hooking me up by giving priority to the Batman stuff he's found. WHAT A GREAT FRIEND! He gave me:

No Man's Land, 1999
Year One, 1987
The Killing Joke, 1988

It has been advised that I read the Killing Joke, first. So, I will. Pray for me as this new chapter of my life begins! Here's hoping I don't get into cosplay for next year's Comicon. But at least if i do go, I can mean it. Oh my! Yet another series of fascinating addictions in my life.

I find it terrible and amazing that I'm excited about this. Nerds, any recommendations? (I've already been directed to Frank Miller stuff. Thanks, J!)


  1. don't be ashamed. geekdom is full of artistic wonder. welcome!

    after u read the killing joke, check out Watchmen by the same writer. it's coming out as a movie next spring.