Thursday, August 7, 2008


Let me give you an idea: if you are trying to get your feelgood on, pack a picnic, and watch the Perseid meteor shower. In the NYC area, it's a little difficult to find a viewing point since my hood kinda suffers from tons of light pollution! So, if anyone has an good spots to recommend, kindly let me know. Far away sections of Long Island and New Jersey seem to be topping the list, but transportation is always an issue for our people who rely on MetroCards. But, I wouldn't want to miss this...and I'm pretty sure some of y'all are planning date night to flex and impress as you read.

I just want to do the usual: head out with my folks, bring a blanket, and a 40. Hay!

*We're thinking of taking the subway to Rockaway, or the LIRR to Montauk (the latter being the more expensive option!)

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