Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Morning unGlorious

I am currently watching the disappointment that is the Saturday morning line up. In childhood, I remember cartoons beginning as early as 6 am, leading to the slow trickle of the afternoon, when American Gladiators would air at 1. There's too much crap in cartoon form now, and I guess folks are over-relying on cable networks (I don't have Cable, btw) to bring in the hot shit. But, shouldn't all networks have some hot shit on? We don't need to dumb things down in the dace of competition! We need to step up our game when that happens! (This is my brief hi5 of encouragement to regular networks to get better programming. YES! THE POWER OF ONE!) Bah.

Luckily, there are old school episodes of Beakman's World on ABC to help save the day! Now, I leave you with some memory joggers:

and the OG DA line up...before Darkwing Duck....which I KNOW wasn't on Saturday morning. I just loved it hard when I was a kid. (I actually don't think there are many afternoon cartoons anymore. They were replaced by those judge shows and double Montel.)

I also love the weekend afternoon movies. When I was a kid, they'd always be playing Howard the Duck, Short Ciruit, or Flash Gordon. What a strange line up to love...

BUt today...It's RAMBO! Mete un gol!

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