Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dag, son.

I know this disgust might stem from some basic cultural differences, but I was definitely cringing while I watched The Huntress make a SQUIRREL MELT for her son. Listen for her lovely quotable gems, too! (seen: "Where's your second safety?" "You're gonna put some meat in the freezer this year." "Tender butt")

In the middle of the video, she says "I prefer pecans. You know how squirrels like nuts!" Lady, with death looming in the air, I would make the assumption that the squirrel neither agrees nor disagrees with your nut preference.

If you don't fancy that, get your enchiladas on:

This older couple seems super cute. But with the pair being from Arkansas, $2 and the magic of probability say they're racist. :*(

Having seen these videos helps me better understand those overly brave (arrogant, even) squirrels populating your local tree lined area in a 5 mile radius. It's fairly common to have one come up to you like nothing, throwing their minimal weight around, reminding you that they have mastered nature, and you live in an apartment. They smell the fear of rabies on every pedestrian, and this is their greatest advantage.

But from now on, I will see each of these apparently delicious rodents wrapped in the comforting aroma of a corn tortilla, or atop a toasted English muffin. Nummi3Z! I'mma keep these recipes in mind during the end of days, and other apocalyptic type times when food supplies might be difficult to find. DEFINITELY!

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