Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm trying to get back with my boo!

Home with hives, so off to tidy up some DORAMAS! <3
Given those facts, despite our falling out, I just couldn't resist Satoshi's gentle tug at my heart strings!

Slow Dance
I'll be honest, I stuck with this one because I LOVED the intro (@3:20 using this link)? Does that make me lame? It used a similar method as that one hyped up "pavement artist," Julian Beever (I assume they didn't use "street artist" as that has a different connotation?) Anyway, those associations made me feel good. Lots of comedic relief, and opportunities to note cultural differences. The pacing seemed more realistic and mature, which allowed the old biddy in me to enjoy it in a different way when compared to the previously mentioned doramas. I like that it questioned the role age plays in a relationship dynamic, and how is was a little more vague in determining the state of people's romantic relationships. (I know, I know...totalllllll contradiction to what I said earlier in possibly enjoying the linear outcomes.)

Based on this series, there seems to be a lot of hasty-pace walking going on in Tokyo. Also, people are all about checking their caller ID on teh cellulars. (I swear, I must have seen 12 ways cameramen have shown one checking his/her phone to aid plot progression...)

Notes on booboo: he has a good nose cringe and confused face! I think that's cute. It's kinda like when a guy has a good head nod during a hip hop show. Anyway, having seen Satoshi do these romantic (sometimes, comedic) roles, I'm trying to pick out the subtle differences in all the love hungry characters he plays. It seems he's made a name for himself in the longing late-bloomer department. When I realized this, I knew that it rendered the man a little too needy for my tastes, but then I reminded myself that none of those observations were based on real people. Ha! For a second, I was totally that dumbass fan who would insist actors are the role they play as I bump into them, IRL, eating a bagel somewhere in Central Park (that shit happens all the time, most of the cast of all Law & Orders live in the UWS!) So, to make use of those subtleties, I turned them into notes I scribbled into my noggin, as I am trying to understand the art of acting, anyway.

(Aside: One time this crazy person was offended because I wasn't aware of the work involved in becoming an actor, with my background in spoken word. S/he insisted she was "classicly trained." I insisted s/he was on some high-horse, elitist, self-glorifying shitface. We don't talk anymore.)

Next up:
B*G (hee hee!)
Princess Princess D
Tokyo Tower
Brother Beat
and maybe another go at Densha Otoko?

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