Friday, October 10, 2008

teh foine

Nodame Cantabile

I need to stop watching doramas. Makes me wish there was a better selection of good looking AzN men up on my coast. Shoot. Usually, you get your basic Queens boy with that fucked up haircut...all spikey with the gel and the possibility of fang-like bangs, yeah? The bowling alley type. (The one who still battles internal choices like LETTING THE JNCOs go.) You know? Or people who are in grad school, just moved to the city, and are trying to develop the limited cute they've been dealt. Ok. Let's stop there.

Blah blah blah, Nodame Cantabile is a lighthearted dorama about some classical music players. A tad slow, but you know whatevs...I'll watch anything with some fine Asian guy. GO to the drama addict wiki if you are seriously expecting a synopsis. Otherwise, I present to you, HIS FACE!

Hello, Tamaki Hiroshi. Totally did NOT recognize you from Water Boys!

I'm working on Tokyo Tower next.

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