Sunday, July 6, 2008

How I learned to love the STALK

What I have learned about myself: Anything in a series, I will attack with full force. Trust.

Lunch Queen / Lunch no Joou

Maybe it's part of my undiagnosed OCD, but for the most part, if there is some kind of "To Be Continued" marker, I will watch that shit until it ENDS! It happens with any list, novels (how I became an HP reader,) and the scariest: the teleseries...(applies to J-dramas, too!)

It started with Lunch Queen / Lunch no Joou , where we met Junzaburo Nabeshima, the fumbling late bloomer leaning to make his father's demiglasse! Oh, yes! This was my introduction to Satoshi Tsumabuki! (Whose one headshot kinda looks like my one v. beautiful friend...) Sure, as a screen shot, it may not look like much, but Jun is an absolutely lovable character in this series! I guess I was really taken by the quirkiness and the lightness of the love plot. I don't really know how to write without spoilers, so I'll keep it all it. But the lead lady role, Natsumi, was a super cute woman who reminded me of my fave girls in my IRL, so I kept watching...til it was OVAAAAH!

I really like the format of the J-teleseries. A commitment to 11 or 12 episodes, maybe a special with an alternate ending. It demands brevity, and limits overinvolvement! But yes! It allows the story not to drag too far into a mindfuck (ie: LOST)

So, of course, I googled my huuuuuusband, and ended up watching Waterboys --- where he plays another endearing geek! Wow! That man, so lovable! Good for him! And having been a swimmer back in the day, as well as an aquarius all my life, the movie really appealed to me. Too bad everyone is scrawny up in there. BUt that's okay, for the film itself is quite entertaining!


  1. haha.... i loved your husband in waterboy too!!!!

  2. omg, why is he so foine? but daniel henney. omg, DANIEL HENNEY!