Monday, July 7, 2008

Satoshi had better hair in this one...

Orange Days

I became really invested in this series because the plot represents deaf culture, and that shit hit home for me, as one of my fave aunts was born deaf. Some really great scenes, and a lot of that opposite sex tension. Which is okay, since this series really made me appreciate the importance of "formal courtship." Seemingly, there are only three options presented so far in the series I've watched. When one "confesses" love, the confessee (?) says yes or no. If it's a yes, then the couple is a GO until someone "gives up." In getting older, I think I can really appreciate this kind of straightforwardness, given limited expected outcomes. SPOILER: But, you know Sae and Kai (played by my boo, Satoshi) get together in the end, right?

Let me not play, though. Some of the instrumentals on the OST are quite CORRECT. We're not talking Amelie quality, but still worth a listen!

Orange Days OST

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