Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i like to check in with food every now and then

When I don't like eating something (a rare occasion), I still like sampling it every now and then to see if the tides have turned. Luckily for one particular food, they have! TAHO is YUMMY!!!! (to me, now.)


For some reason, when I was living in Manila, I was really fixated on the idea that you can get diseases from this streetfood. I mean, maybe you can, but eff it. I'll take it! <3


  1. Yes, what's in it? Actually, it doesn't matter. I want to eat it.

  2. hay, guys! it's super duper silky soy (like, imagine a tofu drink milkshake---w/o the milk?) with caramel syrup and "pearls" from a sago plant!

    syrup-y sweet, delish! can be treated like ice cream without feeling like a fatty afterward.