Saturday, August 30, 2008

The trials of youth!

Terribly fascinating! Just finished watching this docu called Teenage Tourettes Camp. I'm on the borderline, and a little unsure of whether it is exploitative or not. I get it: the goal of documentary is to serve as an unbiased third eye in a situation, but to focus on the squabbles of the young women highlighted proves a bit distracting.

This segment is the juiciest. High school, I forget how very self important we are. So please watch as five teens from the UK are followed while in Tourettes Camp; there is an upcoming dance, which means hearts are broken and egos are shattered.

BONUS: And what's a reality show without an angsty FIGHT SCENE! So cute, the little guy in the middle with the breathing action trying to calm folks down. HE HAS SO MUCH HEART!

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