Friday, August 8, 2008

my tongue has fingers

Ok! Not really!

V just returned from the other side of the world, K from Seattle is visiting, and C is also celebrating her last week of her 20s, so Yeeeee! It's gonna be a fun weekend!

Been spending a lot of time with the women in my life lately. It's something that I've really missed out on since I allowed serial monogamy and my dating era (ew!) to define the social spaces I take up. But now that I'm in neither situation, I have more control over my social circles, and the meaningfulness of the moments I share with those close to me. Over the years, I've noticed that the friends I make depend mostly on the activity I do. Say if I go rock climbing, my fave friends will prolly by the guy who helps me belay, or sells me the carabiner. This last year, a lot of my new friends are women who I came across in organizing my womens group.

I meet a lot of people every year. Not to be on some "OMG, I AM TOOO POPULAR" type shit, but I didn't realize how many people I knew until someone commented on how I make worlds smaller, especially in New York, about 2 or 3 years ago. And please, New York is already a lot smaller than it should be.

I see how this can be a potential problem.

For me, it's the texture of things. The wings at Dalls BBQ in NYC are pretty good; up there with Hooters wings. Split a full order with some of my fave ladies the other night. And of course, I was the plate finisher. We swapped stories as we sipped on them huge apple martinis, and it was just goooooooooooooooood for my heart. Then off to karaoke to get our SONGS on.

Luckily, I was able to meet up for some quality time with C earlier in the day, and my god...the stories about the first loves came spewing out over dim sum! (I like to eat.) I still think about mine sometimes, and the space/time where our relationship existed. I was really honest about still being fond of what I remember of him, but I guess that's natural. (It also helps that a decade has pressed me to idealize our relationship and romanticize every little detail.) As trite as this is, the comparison points reaffirmed that it's hard to forget the one who was the first to capture us in youth. If you were to replace all those weird loner high school feelings, with a seemingly deep connection with someone, in the microcosm of high school, that "absolute" acceptance is kinda a big deal.

Oh, first loves! Such a good way to start the day!

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