Friday, August 8, 2008

the broke-ass time/space continuum

Long Love Letter, 2002

I think my biggest peeve was that I was trying to see my man, Tosh (that's my nickname for him, y'all!) all up on the screen. However, his part was pretty minimal, and I'd seen all the expressions he's used in delivering lines at this point. I think he only has 7 "acting" faces. But whatever, I'm there to learn things from the show. Onward!

As big a fan I am of quantum physics, time travel, and parallel universes, there's just always something broke as hell in the plot that uses these concepts as fundamentals in its storyline. Either there's a hasty mistake written somewhere in the continuum, or it ends a little too conveniently. Such was the case for Long Love Letter. While terribly entertaining, its open-ended conclusion leaves much to be desired. OKay, that's not entirely true, but it comes from the school of "hey, this is quantum physics. parallel universes means that we can entertain EVERY POSSIBLE OUTCOME." So, yeah, no. I'm too linear for that kinda shit.

It is billed as sci-fi, but take heed, there are some love stories throughout the plot. (I mean, when ISN'T there one?) It's eco-angle, and dip into the metaphorics are also a little heavy handed, but it was a nice break from the sap romances I've been all about lately. Anyway, it takes place in a school (surprise, surprise! School must be awesome in Japan!) and you have your reality show archetypes, resulting in your basic trials, tribulations, mutations, time travel, and ghosts.

TAAA-DAAA! And that's the end of the story.

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