Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ladies, hello!

After the Guggenheim with my mom and sister, we had teh good chicken and rice. DELISH! But a good quote from the exhibit:
"It is not so much where my motivation comes from, but rather how it manages to survive."

To walk off the heavy meal, I went to Bryant park to see K perform. KD, V, P, and the J came in as a nice surprise! Then, madness ensued, resulting in some Pinkberry for me and P, with everyone else online for some Red Mango (which has less of that bacteria culture taste,) and is sweeter than the former. Because we were on the block, we headed to get some of the best chicken ever, and R joined us after his shift. I realize that I keep feeding P chicken. Dang.

Saw one of my all time faves, S. Love her. She and A didn't stay too long, but he wanted to pop in and say hi before he got to "some work." Super nice, especially after I totally forgot his name at the Blue Scholars show.

I like talking to folks on the walk home from the train station, you know, to take advantage of my nighttime minutes. While S ruined my image of Frank Miller and Junot Diaz. (My gosh, break my heart!) Turns out that one's a right wing conservative, the other is a professional womanizer. (I'll leave the judgment calls up to you.) Anyway, discussing the boredom of life, and well, how sometimes that it is just needed. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeaallly like being still at times. So now, in trying to get our productive on, S and I are writing buddies, despite him being all the way in Corpus Christi. Body of Christ, watch out!


I don't really like overdetailing ,my blog entries. I tried for a little bit. Fail.

stuff about being young:
- played with that for a whole hour.

- And found out my crush in first grade is now engaged! He's marrying his high school sweetheart, and it completely restores my faith in the relationship model.

- I find that I am becoming less picky with accepting my facebook friends. What's funnier: why I think this is a pivotal marker in my emotional growth.

No Man's Land
is just gorgeous, but I interrupted its reading for Batman Year One; a better choice since the first is missing some volumes! :*( Oh, RAV...I will be in touch.

Tomorrow will be super interesting. Yeeee!

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