Thursday, August 14, 2008

i am old.

There are times when we don't really take in all the changes in the people around us, until we have outside reminders slap us in the face and say, "OMG, my sister(s are) like, so pretty and grown up now!"

The first thing to hit the senses are the most memorable times. Like when you told her that she was adopted, and made her pack a neon pink duffle bag and wait on the staircase for her "real parents" to pick her up while she wore Mickey Mouse shades. Or when you caught her digging into your make-up stash, rocking your purple eyeshadow; she was wearing slip-grip dinosaur footies at the time, and you heard her scamper away. And then you think of all the diapers of hers you've touched. The ones packed with babydiarrhea. This was one-a-many of my summer afternoons, and the majority of my tween days.

How time slips past so quickly! I remember when she was only up to my knees.

This is the result of her photo shoot the other day. Once, a friend was all asking about her on facebook, not realizing that she was at the time, a minor. He only stopped when he googled her school. UGH! Shame on him!

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