Thursday, August 14, 2008

Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool

Access to a rooftop in this city is an amazing privilege. Luckily, P has been great about having company over! Her roof is gorgeous for sunsets and shooting the shit, giving folks the space above the bustle of the city...which can prove to be overwhelming sometimes. I came equipped with two pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, new flavors which I found terribly unsatisfying before they melted away. I kinda regret ending the night talking about the apocalypse in 2012(again) with H. I think P was scared afterwards...EMBARRRASssssING! Well, it at least helped that we got both a sunset and moonlit cityscape int he same sitting. (Ps. big-ass roaches live on rooftops, too.)

Anyway, I recently had to take some actions to protect my dear dear friend's privacy. That meant that I needed to limit access to certain areas of my life where others may take advantage. It made me think about how H has taught me a really valuable lesson when dealing with cutting folks off: there should be an explanation. When things need to stop (for whatever reason,) people should know why, or a the very least, be told that they will be cut off! Otherwise, that shit can just become a really passive aggressive exercise in cowardice. Let's see how this person responds to the current situation. You will be the first to know.

So. I like Muppets. I am pretty elated that The Wind In the Willows is on Masterpiece Theater right now. I think I like all things involving actors with latex facepieces. It's just my "thing." Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to come home to a late night rerun of the film on PBS. It's super cute <3 (No, I haven't yet read the book.) I thought it was some weird Harry Potter thing at first.

I forgot to mention that I met K for late lunch at Shake Shack, which surprisingly had a shorter lunchtime wait! The site used to only be open 6 months out of the year; this is the first that it's been open all year round, as part of of a social experiment? So, K and I caught up in the sub, despite not having had the chance to see each other earlier in her trip. A convo that ended with me feeling good, feeling great since another Seattlite was considering moving to NYC for grad school! Yeeeee! I'm so excited I live in a place where folks visit frequently and decide to stay for a couple of years or so! While it's temporary, it's best to have had those folks here briefly, than never at all. (And yes, the Shackburger was delicious, as always. The only thing we have closest to In N Out. So, this is why I return to le Shack.)

Afterward, I headed to New School to see C at work! I was so lucky that she was patient enough to spend the next three hours of her life copying files onto DVDs and googling people we dislike! THanks, girl! i thought I was getting a stellar deal on these blank DVDs at Staples, thinking that C could use them in her film stuff. BUt I got the wrong type (even though she straight up gave me the physical DVD I should buy.) I'm stupid. I didn't know there was a difference in DVD formats. So we looked it up.

Oh, internet! How I love it so!

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