Tuesday, July 29, 2008

to love my birth state

is to love Richard Bey!

But he also did some SURRRRRIOUS topics. I mean, Jerry Springer (unless we talk about classic Jerry from the early 90s,) has nothing on this man, as Bey was the originator of trash talk. Bey had REAL crazy people, not actors playing crazy improv roles (like much of Springer.) You had legit passive aggressive tendencies shining all over the place, and it was all caught on tape. Honest television, that's what I like! A memorable line from this show, "I can't take props away from my husband, cuz he can work it. But she a trick." Oh, the wisdom to which I had access at such a young age; I am still unlearning the seduction of this salacious garbage! <3

Speaking of trash...I kinda love Cheaters! (uhm. I actually think I've written about this before now that I think about it.) While Joey Greco is a fun host and all, I really liked Tommy Grand. He reminded me of Patrick Duffy from Step by Step! But then, Tommy Grand never got stabbed like Greco did; MAN! Talk about resilience...

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