Monday, July 28, 2008

The complications of holding onto one's "childlike curiousity"...

I've acquired the cravings of a toddler with a diet of Cheerios, animal crackers, and apple sauce all week long. God forbid I become that former college dormmate of yours who promotes the health benefits of eating pureed Gerber foods.

Anyway, been preoccupied with writing a lot, B*G (ha!) and getting suited up for fall. My biggest problem right now is deciding between the procurement of a discounted ticket from a friend's workplace, or to purchase a season pass for $15 less (but without buffet access.) I wonder what a Six Flags buffet is like? This is basically me saying that while life is complex, I have not allowed myself the room to overthink.

ps: Good news! this week is JEOPARDY'S "Tournament of Champions!"

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