Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer looks like:

  • Filipino films
    (to work on my Tagalog, sonnn!)
  • Doramas
    (We have no cable...so HALLO, INTERWEBz~! I've been warned not to start on the Korean dramas, so I'll ease in with the J-dramz!)
  • my never ending booklist
    (I think I'll just write my impressions of the books/media I go through on this here blog.)
  • some short story submissions
    (DEADLINES! Argh! It seems to be the only way I know how to write?)
  • cutting up a family movie of teh vacay
    (bc that's always fun! I've been told I have a good eye!)
  • some phone calls I've been avoiding
    (dun dun DUNNNNN!)
  • getting in the right mindset
    (how to get there? i have no clue.)
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