Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the luxury of convenience!

My Sassy Girl

The above is a random googled find of the cutest scene in the film: when she wants to relive her high school days to celebrate her birthday. That's pretty cute. (Trailer for the American version below, how unfortunate to see Cuthbert's wonky-ass face as the mid-freeze youtube image for the video!) But I must admit that I am not that impressed with the original version. Therefore, I'm pretty shocked to see that folks decided it's high time for an American release? (Ok, not really too too surprised at this wack attempt where the US market goes and adapts anything good elsewhere. OPPORTUNISTS!) Is that not pretty insulting? I mean, it's like copying homework, and Hollywood continues to do it perpetuating this cycle of boring art, exercised without a focus on craft! The capitalism in Hollywood pushes all these weak films, and I'd be totally offended as the OG director (prep yourself for the upcoming contradiction) unless I got a superfat paycheck!

Anyway, in an attempt to better understand the dynamic between the two leads in my sassy girl (as it was just getting ridiculous to me,) I looked up the story they alluded to in the movie, "Sudden Shower" by Hwang Sun-won. The translation isn't that moving, but the gist of it is quite sad; the common class hierarchy narrative that floats around and about in various tales of Romeo and Juliet type lovewoe. For the most part, the characters in the Korean version (man, I already forgot their names, MY BAD!) really have this fucked up, manipulative, abusive thing happening. It's almost like Something About Mary, but less charm and more strange emotional abuse (according to my societal standards.) But there is an interesting line where she contextualizes his birth the year before her as this:
"Well, Peter came first to prepare for the birth of Christ, didn't he?"

Well then, that just fascinated me!

You decide. Watch it. Report back. Then check out the trailer below that I mentioned earlier. My verdict: things are 1/2 forgiven as homeboy (Jesse Bradford) is cute! He's all mysterious and gentle looking, and that's just how I likes them! But still, watch out for Elisha looking hurt right under the play button below! OuCH!

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