Monday, March 3, 2008

something fucked up happened to me today.

but i won't detail it here. instead, i want to write about the following:

Real World 1, 1992

specifically, kevin, and who is now running for congress. now, kevin, i don't know that much about your politics, but i hope that you aren't just jumping on OBAMARAMA (which is the impression i get from your homepage letter, while i know you've been thinking about this run in the past.)

i am most upset at the fact that you are repping brooklyn, when you and i full well know YOU GRADUATED FROM SNYDER HIGH SCHOOL IN JERSEY CITY, NJ. man. what about your peoples?!?! give us more than joe budden.

oh, kevin. why you gotta break my heart...

by misrepresenting and claiming that lime green shaaaaart?!

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