Saturday, January 17, 2009

let's bring it back to '93

When I was 11, Swan's Crossing, with a young Sarah Michelle Gellar, was my shiiiiiiiiiiiit! I used to watch it with my cousins right before Ricki Lake. I know the clip above is a little VHS-prone, but it is all we need! ASide from Buffy, the girl from Sweet Valley High was there, and Garett is a painter IRL in Tejas now. Anyway, I remember asking my father to give me permission to go to Manhattan Mall so that we could meet the cast, and he got pissed. Told me to focus on studying. What a bag. Oh! on the show, there was a girl who LIVED IN A SUBMARINE! Sure, it looked fake as hell, but what other show had a girl living in a submarine?

Do you remember this show, and it's ridiculous and accidental season (series) finale?

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