Monday, December 1, 2008

Orange Hostess Cupcakes

As the vintage slogan said, "You get a big delight in every bite." Florida resident Suzanne Rutland clearly agrees. She's reportedly eaten more than 50,000 Hostess Cup Cakes, as many as four per day since her early childhood when she founded a Hostess Cup Cake Club. "Creamy" was the secret password. Source

I JUST discovered these, and they're fairly delicious! I guess they're not that popular, though. Can't find a single photo online, except for these earrings. Anyway, I was really surprised since I don't often like citrus desserts (but I tend to fall for these things with orange essences a lot!) I really loved those tiny orange mini bundt cakes from starbucks they used to serve while I worked there in college.

Yep. Some trivia for ya.

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