Wednesday, November 26, 2008

these are the facts.

(Google search, MySpace, facebook, & page trolling inclusive) ----- internet stalking is:

8% thought it was a good idea.
8% thought it was a bad idea.
16% thought stalking was a given, but to be done in utmost secrecy.
16% Listen, what I google in the comfort and privacy of my home is none of your business, h.
and a whopping 75% thought that it was absolutely "NECESSARY! I do that shit all the time."

1) The math is still funky. Only radio buttons next time! No multiple choice = GOOGLE can do math! But that means that the lot of you can't split answers next time....

2) I am part of that 75%!

3) You are a bunch of stalking mofos, but thank you for being honest. I'm not gonna lie: stalking made me take my name off this blog, ya heard?! Since my first name is a little uncommon, I also found myself a tad too accessible. Have you ever Googled yourself? Show me the most inneresting return (whether it's actually you, or not) in the comment box, please!

Have a safe tomorrow with fam!

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