Friday, November 14, 2008

these are the facts.

With Obama as President, do you think race issues will get more play in the mainstream?

14% said YES!
14% said no.
71% said i've seen him be consistenly IN THE MIDDLE on race issues.
and another 14% said that they will fight all of the answers above.

1) Blogger can't do math.
2) 71% of you, Obama supporters or not, have not been so swayed by the race jargon slung in the last 2 years of this campaign --- leaving you a bit muddled on the basic stance of our Pres-Elect re: race relations. His admin needs to come up with some position papers, or you could just apply for a job in the ObamaCamp administration should you feel you are qualified to handle that shit correctly on your own.

Update your resumes, please.

New poll up, with a topic near and dear to my heart: INTERNET STALKING!

thank you for participating! :)

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