Thursday, November 13, 2008

meet Del

hey, you. <3 on several levels.

i know, i know..i am SO corny, but i love a man who can sing. and THEN! he can deconstruct a song and sing all 5 parts. very well. my secret shame: i love a cappella the way i love musicals. it's the soprano 1 third grader in me; the easily captivated tween in me; the karaoke spectacle in me; the carmensandiego/rockapella fangirl in me. all of those elements are converging and writing this post.

also, i played this over and over this morning as i got ready for class. LOVE YOU DEL and this song <3 (and of course it has everything to do with him being bald with dimples.)

ps: i x-posted this video on several of my blogs, so i just consolidated all entries into the above. tee hee!


  1. you are hella corny, yet I see why you heart him...

  2. of course, girl! corny first, politics, second.


  3. del is short. and shy. i knew him when he was a part of another fili-boy band called next phaze ( i was friends with some of the next phaze boys. stop these boys are sooo bay area local.

  4. u should shoot him an email and ask him to perform at our congress. LMAO.