Sunday, November 30, 2008

animal group names

directly sniped from this site

May 16, 2005

The other morning, while driving to work, I caught the tail end of some morning drive show team debating over whether it was factually accurate to call a group of seagulls a Flock. While I couldn't find the answer, which put me out of the running for free tickets to an upcoming Dave Matthews concert, I was able to locate group names for a whole bunch of other animals, many of which I found to be rather odd. Here are my favorites:

Apes: a Shrewdness of Apes
Butterflies: a Swarm, Rabble, Kaleidoscope or Flutter of Butterflies
Cheetahs: a Coalition of Cheetahs
Eagles: Convocation of Eagles
Grasshoppers: a Cloud of Grasshoppers
Hyenas: a Cackle of Hyenas
Jackrabbits: a Husk of Jackrabbits
Lice: a Flock of Lice
Nightingales: a Watch of Nightingales
Owls: a Parliament, Stare, Wisdom or Study of Owls
Penguins: a Rookery or Colony of Penguins
Rattlesnakes: a Rhumba of Rattlesnakes
Schnauzers: a Stench of Schnauzers
Tigers: an Ambush or Streak of Tigers
Vultures: a Committee of Vultures
Zebras: a Zeal, Herd or Dazzle of Zebras

Click on the link below for a deeper list (and don't give me any gripe for this post... what do you expect first thing on a Monday morning... some sort of weekend update?... well, it wasn't too exciting... I did spring cleaning all day Saturday and Sunday... woo-hoo!).

Antelopes: a Herd of antelopes
Ants: a Colony, Army, State or Swarm of Ants
Baboons: a Troop of Baboons
Badgers: a Cete of Badgers
Barracudas: a Battery of Barracudas
Bass: a Shoal of Bass
Bats: a Colony of Bats
Bears: a Sloth or Sleuth of Bears
Beavers: a Colony or Family of Beavers
Bees: a Grist, Hive, Swarm, Drift, Bike, Cluster, Erst or Nest of Bees
Bison: a Herd of Bison
Boar: a Sounder or Singular of Boar
Buck: a Brace or Clash of Bucks
Buffalo: a Herd, Troup, Gang or Obstinacy of Buffalo
Bullocks: a Drove of Bullocks
Buzzards: a Wake of Buzzards
Camels: a Flock or Train of Camels
Caribou: a Herd of Caribou
Caterpillars: an Army of Caterpillars
Cattle: a Herd, Drove, Drift or Mob of Cattle
Cats: a Clowder, Pounce, Kindle, Litter, Intrigue, Clutter or Comfort of Cats
Chicken: a Brood, Clutch, Flock, Run, Peep, Clutch or Chattering of Chickens
Clams: a Bed of Clams
Cobras: a Quiver of Cobras
Cockroaches: an Intrusion of Cockroaches
Colts: a Rag of Colts
Cormorants: a Gulp or Flight of Cormorants
Coyote: a Band of Coyote
Crabs: a Bushel of Crabs
Cranes: a Herd, Siege or Sedge of Cranes
Crocodiles: a Bask or Float of Crocodiles
Crows: a Murder or Horde of Crows
Deer: a Roe, Herd, Leash, Mob, Deer, Bevy or Roe of Deer
Dogfish: a Troop of Dogfish
Dogs: a Pack or Kennel of Dogs
Dolphins: a School or Pod of Dolphins
Donkeys: a Herd, Drove or Pace of Donkeys
Doves: a Flight, Duel, Dole or Pitying of Doves
Ducks: a Raft, Paddling, Bunch, Team, Brace, Bed, Flight or Flock of Ducks
Elephants: a Herd, Parade or Crash of Elephants
Elk: a Herd or Gang of Elk
Emus: a Mob of Emus
Ferrets: a Business of Ferrets
Finches: a Charm of Finches
Flamingoes: a Stand or a Flamboyance of Flamingoes
Flies: a Cloud, Hatch, Business or Swarm of Flies
Foxes: a Skulk, Cloud, Troop, Company, Leash or Earth of Foxes
Frogs: an army or Colony of Frogs
Geese: a Gaggle, Flock, Skein, Team, Wedge, or a Plump of Geese
Giraffes: a Corps, Troop, Herd, Tower, Kindergarten or Journey of Giraffes
Gnats: a Cloud or Horde of Gnats
Goats: a Flock, Herd, Tribe or Trip of Goats
Goldfinches: a Charm of Goldfinches
Goldfish: a Troubling of Goldfish
Gorillas: a Band of Gorillas
Greyhounds: a Leash of Greyhounds
Grouse: a Pack or Covey of Grouse
Gulls: a Colony of Gulls
Hamsters: a Horde of Hamsters
Hares: a Husk, Down or Mute of Hares
Hawks: a Cast, Kettle or Boil of Hawks
Hedgehogs: an Array of Hedgehogs
Hens: a Brood of Hens
Herons: a Scattering, Siege or Sedge of Herons
Herring: an Army of Herring
Hippopotami: a Bloat of Hippopotami / Hippopotamuses
Hogs: a Drift or Parcel of Hogs
Hornets: a Nest of Hornets
Horses: a String, Team, Harras, Pair, Rag, Field, Herd, Remuda, Set or Stable of Horses
Hounds: a Pack, Kennel, Mute or Cry of Hounds
Jellyfish: a Brood, Smuck or Smack of Jellyfish
Kangaroos: a Mob or Troop of Kangaroos
Kittens: a Kindle or Litter of Kittens
Lapwings: a Desert or Deceit of Lapwings
Lemurs: a Group of Lemurs
Leopards: a Leap of Leopards
Lions: a Pride, Flock, Sawt, Souse or Troop of Lions
Locusts: a Cloud, Plague or Swarm of Locusts
Magpies: a Tittering, Tiding, Gulp, Murder or Charm of Magpies
Mallards: a Sord or Brace of Mallards
Minnows: a Steam of Minnows
Moles: a Labour of Moles
Monkeys: a Troop, Cartload or Barrel of Monkeys
Moose: a Herd of Moose
Mules: a Barren, Pack or Span of Mules
Oxen: a Team, Yoke, Drove, Herd, or Span Oxen
Oysters: a Bed of Oysters
Parrots: a Pandemonium or Company of Parrots
Partridges: a Covey of Partridges
Peacocks: a Muster, Ostentation or Pulchritude of Peacocks
Pheasants: a Head, Nye, Nest, Bouquet, Nide or Bevy of Pheasants
Pigeons: a Kit, Flock, Flight or Loft of Pigeons
Pigs: a Herd, Trip, Litter, Drift, Drove, Sounder, Team or Passel of Pigs
Ponies: a Drove or String of Ponies
Porcupines: a Prickle of Porcupines
Porpoises: a Herd, School or Pod of Porpoises
Quail: a Bevy, Drift or Covey of Quail
Rabbits: a Bury, Colony, Warren, Nest, Herd or Litter of Rabbits
Rats: a Colony, Pack or Swarm of Rats
Ravens: an Unkindness of Ravens
Reindeer: a Herd of Reindeer
Rhinos: a Crash or Herd of Rhinos
Sardines: a Family of Sardines
Seals: a Herd, Harem, Trip, Rookery or Pod of Seals
Sharks: a Shiver of Sharks
Sheep: a Flock, Herd, Hirsel, Pack, Drove, Trip or Mob of Sheep
Snakes: a Nest or Knot of Snakes
Snipe: a Wisp or Walk of Snipe
Sparrows: a Host of Sparrows
Squirrels: a Dray or Scurry of Squirrels
Storks: a Mustering of Storks
Swallows: a Flight or Gulp of Swallows
Swans: a Game, Bank, Team, Herd, Wedge, or Lamentation of Swans
Termites: a Brood, Colony, Nest or Swarm of Termites
Toads: a Knot or Knab of Toads
Trout: a Hover of Trout
Turkeys: a Rafter or Gang of Turkeys
Turtle Doves: a Pitying or Dule of Turtle Doves
Turtles: a Bale, Dole, Nest or Turn of Turtles
Walruses: a Herd or Pod of Walruses
Wasps: a Pladge of Wasps
Weasels: a Confusion or Pack of Weasels
Whales: a School, Herd, Gam, Pod or Grind of Whales
Wolves: a Pack or Rout of Wolves
Woodcocks: a Fall of Woodcocks
Woodpeckers: a Descent of Woodpeckers


  1. One of my favorites is a walk of snails!


  2. your illustrations are beautiful! <3 i'm pretty sure i can guess how you happened upon my entry :)