Saturday, October 11, 2008

under the weather

mighta been the change is seasons, but i've been feeling a bit off lately. in encouraging my life in this slop hop, i was unable to go to the gym all week long. this means that next week is double time, double sleepy. next week is full, man.

for inspiration and getting back on it, i looked at my boy's lovely collection of cardio machine interfaces!

returning is necessary, since there are texans in town (you know they eat BIG food.) went to serendipity (sorry, no john cusack) and then chicken and rice...cheddar bay biscuits at red lobster for appetizers. MAN! the Ung sisters are sweet folks.

took a dump at the Apple/mac store on 5th. So clean. So private. So 24 hrs. Highly recommended.

1 comment:

  1. haha thanks for the bigemups! i'm trying to spice it up with bizarro celebrity look-alike spottings...