Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Round 1

This past weekend, I saw my baby cousin:

I donm't talk to her dad, though. Because he's weird and not a good ally. Just a big asshole for no reason. THis was taken at a funeral parlor. I was busy playing with the babies. I don't really like speaking to adults in mourning...those conversations always become about something else. This is also the wake where my one aunt, who is terribly angry with me, ignored me. I expected more for a woman in her forties, but guess not.

On the way to my girl, I's house, I ran into my former classmate, R! She just graduated, and looks great as a blonde.

We went to see From Monuments to Masses play. They are kind of an amazing experience. Please listen and support them if you can on their Euro tour. There is no lead singer, instead they juxtapose existing media bites to awesome instrumentation. (I like "DEafening" and "Edagda"...because slow jams are my thing.) I was really happy to support my kasama while he was onstage...we weren't really able to chop it up, but it is so very meaningful to see someone who belongs in this community to produce such heart wrenching work.

Met up with P who was visiting for work from the Bay area. So happy to see her and talk about comic books! <3 Really looking forward to her return next month! WE're all celebrating our one year anniversary soon! WE all met on November 2,3,4! Awww, to good friends! <3

Then by SAturday night, after the CUNY SOcial Forum and a community share with Nodutdol, Sugarwalls made a bigass tub of potatomac salad for PInay Brunch the next day. BUt here we are wylin out on the tub of potatomac salad:

Lookit that glorious next-day spread! Thanks you to Sugarwalls and Ro for the Hawaiian themed deliciousness! The eating was nonstop.

When the numbers dwindled down, we went ahead and hung out on a fire escape. Some people were scared, so I will just show you their shoes.

BUt here I am being silly and looking like an unkempt muppet! Kids at home, don't fuck around on fire escapes. IT'S UNSAFE! (yes, I am rocking an old school isangmahal shirt. jealous?) One of the best investments I've made in my life! :)

Round 2 begins on Friday.

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