Wednesday, September 17, 2008

you guys are bad.

an email I received. then scroll down for a game.
Hi everyone,

A friend sent something similar to me and I thought it was a great idea. Donate to Planned Parenthood in honor of Sarah Palin and PP will send a thank you card acknowledging the donation to her. Hopefully she will get a flood of these at the McCain campaign headquarters. Since I don't know any McCain/Palin supporters that I can go up to and try to educate let's go right to the source and let Palin know that her views on women's reproductive rights are dangerous.

Go to:

Hover over the link that says "Donate" and select "Honorary or Memorial Donations" from the drop-down.

You can donate as little as $5.

Complete the section for the person you are donating in honor of with the following info:

Sarah Palin
1235 S. Clark Street
Suite M
Arlington, VA 22202


sarahpalin, isdatchu?

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