Saturday, September 20, 2008

with I and S all day long!

My girl, I, moved over to the Right Coast after 7 years in Seattle. She lives in the East Village now, and we met up last night over some okonomiyaki and takoyaki. ( I love how the bonito flakes dance with the heat after they're sprinkled on!) Both were delicious and silky! so good, and cheap, and the old guy was super smiley and nice. We headed to Tompkins Square Park, and ate in the sun. Glad we got a photo of the nice old guy and the food, since some random guy got in the original shot.

Then, we met up with S to catch up on life, sprawl out on the grass in the approaching fall sun, and we saw a bee fly into S' purse. And stay there. For a long time. As we stayed on the the little manmade hill, we saw the Salt Lake City kids get into a series of arguments over liquor. You know these people, they panhandle "trying to get back home" as they look all punk rock with their big-ass dogs. It got frightening after a while.

Here is a photo of I and S looking 18.

Went to Queens for a BBQ and to laugh at J and his friends do Kali in a basement with low ceilings.

It proved to be terribly entertaining.

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