Saturday, September 20, 2008


In most adult circles, I know folks are all about saying they don't watch tv. But let's be real, why do you have cable, then? (You stupid.) I want to say that people who go out of their way NOT to watch television (when it is easily available) just earn some hipster cred, are all just douchebags in the making. I love television. I wish I could watch more, and I am saying that as someone who has not had cable for the majority of my life. Neither do I have cable now. Network tv, that's good enough.

Here's some programming I'm looking forward to:

9/22: Heroes // SUre, not the most complicated of plots, but it actually has enough WTF to keep me coming back for more. Also, the writer's strike last year abruptly concluded last, let's go forward, shall we?

9/23: American Masters Iwas researching a job with AM, and then came across their schedule! Once of the best portrait series out there!

9/25: The Office. 'nuff Said.

9/30: POV// Specifically, I'm trying to watch Critical Condition. I'm in the middle of reading a lot material around poverty...and helps the read in applied contexts. ALso, c/o POV, this is a really well produced web accompaniment of a docu I missed about Universal Design --- (check out that RISD kitchen!)

10/1: Pushing Daisies // The visuals alone make this a really cute show. It's like a murder mystery at the Chocolate Factory in every episode. I didn't initially watch ABC at all, but my sisters got me into this one.

10/22: Independent Lens // WHich I actually watched because Terrence Howard is foine, and then I was like, "Oh look! There are documentaries!" The preview for Chicago 10 looks like something that might change my life. (There's one coming up on Helvetica in January!! I loves me some typeface!)

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