Saturday, September 6, 2008


I didn't get a chance to write about it, but after about four years, I was able to see M again!

Doesn't he look great?! And I must say, he has some amazing skin! M, Hatechooo! Anyway....

He is from Inwood, and was home from Philly for a little bit. We ate the dope Ethiopian, and I am a fan, just because I like sour. Injera is always sour, and good for my palette. Then we had tea at this one place where my girls and I tried to have a FiRE meeting around Xmas, but it was too quiet, and we were so uncomfie, we had to leave.

M told me all about the Salsa Congress he was attending, and how expensive that shit is. He distinguished on1, on2, and LA style. He says that he's only beginner in most respects, but I've seen that boy dance back in the day.

He lying.

Always good to reconnect with the good folks in your life, yeah?

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