Friday, September 26, 2008

passive-agg me.

Also, if you don't feel (minimally) annoyed with the Bush admin, and haven't thought about the need for change in in government, then kudos to you, douchebag.

Why bust on people just because they're all up on the Obama-bandwagon? If people are agitated/excited about either candidate, at least they're doing something that's a little more than the nothing you're talking about. I admire that investment.

(And you be dressing like a fool with your expensive fashion sense, ayway. I CANNOT take you seriously. Please stop wearing purple.)

I beg of you (all) to be critical...
While it is valuable to discuss/question the trajectory of art, music, and literature, change happens on several platforms. The way you choose not to ignore the way things work does not pardon you from this fact.

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