Saturday, September 13, 2008

2008 RNC: the great rebuttal that didn't

Palin interview with Gibson. In case you haven't already watched it...

Levi6110 (6 hours ago)
Charlie I can see the moon from my backyard charlie
I guess that makes me an astronaut

Palin is clearly upset. Maybe that's the appeal? Read Gloria Steinem's verdict on Palin from the LA TImes, in case you are a tad unfamiliar.

@ 5:32, she didn't know the confines of the NATO treaty, oh my lord.
@5:53 and 6:09 - NUCULAR
@6:30 - The same answer...thrice.
@8:00 - Obvious unfamiliarity with the term "Bush Doctrine"
@8:47 - Mad hostile, sonnn! Both of these fools (in Tagalog, we'd say "nag aasaran lang 'tong dalawang 'to!")

Jennyistheone (6 hours ago)
what a disgraceful piece of shit gibson is. he asked obama and clinton what their favorite pet was.

Some people are all in a tizzy and hating on Gibson because "When Obama and Clinton were on, he was asking them about their favorite color and their childhood pet." However, regardless of what was asked and to whom it pales in comparison, is there no merit in her inability to answer the questions posed by Gibson (in a straightforward manner -- YEA or NAY) regarding foreign policy? In the beginning of these elections, Obama was mocked for his inexperience, yet I am confident that if posed with these questions/this line, he would have been more articulate, eloquent, transparent, and stuck to the topic at hand.

And here's another giant boo boo: Palin's misunderstanding of how Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae function. AN epic fail.

Watched the video again. I've actually been on dates like this. I was Gibson, of course. Critical, stoic, and brief.

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  1. butbutbut... Obama has no EXECUTIVE experience! He's only been a senator for less than a year! He's only been a state senator! He's only been a lawyer and a professor on Constitutional law!

    Sarah Palin, though, she's been a mayor AND a governor! Experience up the ass!

    And McCain has executive experience in government, too! He's been a senator and a... uhh... wait...