Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my new shit

I am all about listening to some classical music while doing chores and homework. SOmetimes, I walk across the carpet in slow motion, and peer out the window. (To the music, of course, you savage.)


I have always been a Golden Girl in hiding. And tell me you haven't seen someone rocking the outfits on the left somewhere in Park Slope, the L, or LES on any given weekend beginning on Thursday night? Tell me. And I will call you a liar.

ps: Spoke to S today in South Jersey, she got into a car accident earlier last month. Glad she is unscathed. Too bad about her car, but I love her more than the car.

pps: R.I.P. Estelle!

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  1. I'm working the late shift, and I got to watch TGG this morning for breakfast. God I love that show!