Friday, September 5, 2008

excuse me, miss.

note: i really thought that i posted in the past on the included image before...but i can't find an entry. so, i guess not? (uh oh, i'm crazy!)

In other news, I really hate being a caricature of myself! I can't get shit done, unless there is a list from which I can cross off the task. I mean, if there is nothing on the list, things will just not get done. Maybe I'm just neurotic.

Nope. Def. with the neurotix.

There's just a lot of satisfaction in crossing things out, you know? During the summer, when I felt the most scattered, I knew that is was mostly because I wasn't taking the time to just sit down and write out my things-to-do.

I just really hate how I've had to make the time for this kind of self-acceptance: that I am one of those anal people in secret.

No, no. I am anal. OUtwardly.

Sometimes, when I end up doing something that wasn't on my list for the day, i'll write it in, just to cross it off. Because I get that satisfaction from feeling more productive. Even when its false.

And apparently, I am crazy, as well.

Lists I have:

  • I made a spreadsheet of all my homework for the next 15 weeks, parceling out my workload. It is a 32 pg document, y'all.

  • planning out yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • my calls to make/emails to send

  • my upcoming organizational tasks

  • book lists!

  • in its ordinance, creating a plan of day efficacy; meaning, the most efficient route of travel to get said things done

  • describing how I used lists just now (how meta-meta of me!)

  • to cross shit out of my lliiiiiife! 4evs! wheeeeeeeee!

    Teach me more, please! How do you use lists?
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