Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, I joined one! I get a lot of joy out of singing, and I haven't done it forreal forreal since high school (wow. that was a decade ago.) While I do have a preferred list of 7 songs to sing while getting wasted at the karaoke bar on Saturday nights, it's just not he same. I had to audition to be accepted, but it was really lax and informal. I was a little scared when the director said something like, "Your turn. SING!" while in front of some music geek strangers (ie: men with ponytails.) It okay, though, and I was able to belt out some high notes. He determined that my range and power lay in being a soprano, but he left my placement up to me.

So, I chose to be an alto! For the first time in my life, Wheee! I'm learning how to harmonize. It's a little difficult, since I always read the top staff whenever I have sheet music, and my ear is still trained to follow soprano cues. But I'm looking forward to this new learning experience! <3

Ok. THis entry is kinda nerdy. My bad.


  1. Oh gosh... alto lines are ugly. ENJOY! :)

  2. NOOOO! it's learning to harmonize, you know?

    It's a skill set. For a resume.

  3. Girl, I've been harmonizing since high school, so if you know something about it getting you paid that I don't know, please share. But yeah, alto lines have always made me giggle/cringe.