Sunday, August 24, 2008

swift. kick. ass.


I really like The Smashing Pumpkins. I will admit that of all the CDs I own, that band requires the most space on my media shelf. I even have the boxed set. Yes, I loves them THAT much. (Also, this is the theme used in a certain trailer.)

While I've been attacked by a case of the melancholies, folks have been mega supportive, and it's been incredibly beneficial to my spirits to be around my close friends lately. There is a lot of anxiety created in what is to come; am preparing mentally.

I think I'm only smart because when I am feeling sad and lonely, I bury myself in some kind of elaborate self-study project. Right now, it's comic books. I am all about them. At other points, projects have revolved around parkour, quantum physics, botany, and more conveniently, writing.

Like now.

This weekend I learned the importance of holding who is dear close to me, the limitations of my character, the rewards of principle, and how lucky I am to be credible.

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