Sunday, August 17, 2008

paging 1986...

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Really? I mean, really?

Are you all really telling me that NO ONE remembers "shutter shades" from the mid80s? I thought they were an old old Michael Jackson thing? If not him, then someone else, but so many people have been terribly inaccurate in thinking that this is some type of recent fashion innovation via Kanye's stylist. I remember that my grandmother sold pairs at her convenience stand back in her province, beside cans of nuts and cellophane packaged candies. I mean, she even had the knockknockoffs, where I specifically remember holding a green pair in my hands, made of that really crappy molded plastic reserved for party favors, and looking at the little peels curling up, begging to be pulled off, and thinking, "There are holes in these sunglasses. This is stupid." I coulda sworn I was about 4 or 5 then.

Oh, ok. I thought I was crazy.

Anyway, I like how this video has KANYEVISION at around 1:30

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