Sunday, August 17, 2008

O.P.P. (other people's phones)

Head over to Coney Island before it closes down for good (again)!

Hanging with B has allowed me to indirectly take advantage of her iPhone and mobile upload access! Now, it seems that most of my recent past is pictorially chronicled and posted by the end of the day. So here we are on the left eating the most delicious corn dogs from the original NATHAN'S on Coney Island. Trust me, there was a lot more food involved. I'm a little embarrassed to post, but fuck it. HERE. I had a corn dog, a chili cheese dog, and I split BACON CHEESE FRIES with all those who liked smokey bacon bits spooned over fat fries. It was so baaaaaaaaaaaaad, but I guess Nathan's is trying to be more health conscious by posting the caloric intake info on their menu. I think my meal...was about...1700 calories. Unfortunately, that is a pretty conservative estimate, too. :( Heart diseases to come. Will likely blog about those, too.

Ever since K read my palm, it's reawakened my interest in all that personality reading stuff. So, here's my attempt at a Big reenactment, by making a wish with some old school fortune telling machine (which I actually kinda appreciated, as I love old things with that general charm.) For $0.25, you can go ahead and get a little card applicable to your life, especially made for you (or the person you beat to the machine.) Zoltar woulda been cooler, but I had to settle for Grandma and her weird ventriloquist dummy face.

H mentioned going on the Wonder Wheel, and I realized that I haven't yet been on it. While it gives the best views of the parks and beach, if you're in a moving car, you will be busy being terrified. The colored cars are on a track, and as the ferris wheel circles, you roll around the track, almost feeling like the moment before a roller coaster drop. We were all pretty scared and not leaning forward. We were sweating and screaming, and we proved that it was not the best choice to have the weight of 5 people increase the momentum in one car. Drop 3 was the worst, it felt like we were going to flip over. I also think we were the only fools screaming our heads off. Of course we rode the Cyclone. Then we walked along the beach, and found mangoes on sticks!

We went to the pier, where folks were fishing in the dirtyass ocean. One guy let B and C pose with his catch. He even let them hold the rod, for maximum effect. Very nice of him. Then, there was some old drunk guy who was swimming around like a fool, getting caught in the fishing lines. He was being an asshole, but the funny kind. The only thing he said to us was, "You all Filipinos?" We said yes, then he swam away saying,"See, I'm not even swimming, I'm walking on the water." And then, he started walking in what might have been 25 foot water. Literally. So, he kinda started drowning. The exchange prompted many other folks to just dive on in from the pier, DESPITE IT BEING AGAINST THE RULES! (Never, ever jump into natural bodies of water when you don't know how deep/shallow the water is! You can kill your spine, kids!) It was pretty funny and spontaneous of folks...but while I am a great swimmer, I hate the ocean and the idea of swimming with all its creatures. Really grosses me out. And then into the Coney Island water? No, thanks.

Ew! How can he swim in that? Here's the old guy being obnoxious screaming, "Ey, man! Don't throw in your line!"

Being in B's bridal party allows me to see her more often, and take an appreciation for the friends who have kept me when I was less certain of who I am in life. It's surprisingly been about 10 years since B and I met, and I think it's great that we can still easily pick up where we left off. It's always a fun and funny time with her, and I like that effortlessness in the time we spend together. I've been meeting some other friends of theirs who are also in the wedding party, and a lot of people don't know this, but I'm pretty shy. Yeah, yeah. I'm loud, and I communicate clearly and all, but I still get really scared (?) by groups of folks when I'm the "new" one in the circle. I don't want to impose, be clingy, or overstep boundaries and all. Everyone has their established banter and all that, and here I am all, "HI! I'M THE NEW GIRL!" But in any case, they're all such nice people.

In other news, the episode of The Simpsons set in the 1990s is pretty hilarious, I guess because I get all the Melrose Place allusions. And I really like "Closing Time" by Semisonic and "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve.

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