Sunday, August 10, 2008

OMGWTFBBQ (offish!)

  • I cut my hair short myself. (This is me checking it out in the mirror. I look like I got an ill glass eye thang happening.) Just felt like cutting hair. It was time.

  • My sister infected me with a disease! Therefore, plans shot! I had to stay in and not subject the public to my

  • I went with B and M to watch a friend, John Flor, play at the Living Room. It was spectacular to see him play with a full band for the first time! HISTORY IN THE MAKING! Also, one of my fave people in the world sang background vocals, and sounded fantastic! Really love the new stuff, and can't wait til the new album drops!

  • Who opened for Norah JOnes!

  • Had a delicious tiramisu crepe, which poo-ed nutella. Thanks, B! (Who we discovered had a huge chunk of it hiding in her one nostril somehow?)

  • How lucky to have such talented friends!

  • Will be spending time with my girl from Seattle, sending H off and back to the Midwest, C on her bday, and then seeing one of my very bests, V this week.

  • Might even go swimming with my sisters in a couple of days.

    With the remainder of summer at our heels, let's make it count, team! <3
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    1. loving the hair! maybe we should go to beauty school together since you're such a sher genius!