Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh, my peoples.

After being turned away from the Jill Scott concert, I met up with some wonderful friends for some chocolate foodstuffs. I was encouraged to dip my fingers in various petri dishes and beakers filled with syrups and other toppings complementary to chocolate stuffs. Man, t'was delicious.

We caught up a little and talked men and hearts and loves. It was nice to see such great ladies in such a casual setting...licking chocolate off of our fingers, just cause. After having a convo with C earlier today, I wa reminded how talented all my friends are, not just in some weird abstract artsy sense, either. I mean straight up knows how to live life as best as they see fit. I am truly truly grateful for these amaaaazing folks, and I have no clue what type of person I woulda been had I not run into these folks at those pivotal intersections in my past.

Speaking of what coulda been, K read my palms! The science of prediction has always been fascinating to me! I loved hearing what she had to say, moreso when it was ON POINT! So here we were, on the corner of Union Square by Shoemania, just blocking up the sidewalk and reading each others palms. God. We were those annoying people, but I guess it's okay because I got a stellar palm reading! I don't remember all of what she said, just that the X between my head and heart represents how to be with someone romantically, I'd need to be united with him intellectually, too; that I'd always been my own person, without a mentor of some sort; that something around the age of 15 caused me to be independent; that I have a lot of reserved energy for my passions; that the shape of my thumb indicates I am witty-like.

The left hand is the life that could have been, altered by the choices I've made in real-time. Let me tell you...it looks different as hell.

Then, headed back to Brooklyn to meet up with R and V for C's bday! OMG! The place was cute! Al fresco dining! A cute little serving truck. Patio umbrellas. To be honest, I wasn't overly impressed with the food, but then again, I didn't get the steak. I really liked how it felt like a banketa in the Philippines! For the last year, H has been ALL ABOUT making me check it out, but the timing was bad, or etc etc happened. So this was a lovely treat, and we celebrated C with some grilled corn and good laughs.

Catching the trains back home took a while; the rhythm was all tampered with! Bah!

In using initials for these entries, I noticed that many of my friends have named that begin with Cs and Ss. It makes it pretty confusing for me to keep a story straight.

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