Friday, August 1, 2008

no sleep 'til brooklyn.

Hello, August.

I'm crazy. But it's comforting that my friends are, too.

A long day at an amusement park bled into a birthday party, where the lovely K turned 30 on the 30th, her golden birthday! (I didn't know what that meant until the last year or so, and I was 12 when mine passed. So, I don't think I could have possibly enjoyed it in a memorable way.) So, H and I ended up in BK, ran into TEAM SEATTLE and flew across the street to say hallo to Ch who was visiting! Also at the golden party, where K was looking all like the fly celebrant in her leopard pumps, it was lucky to see J, since our schedules just have not been meshing! We talked story for a little bit, and that exchange, while brief, really filled me with the warmfuzzy; repeated themes of the earlier convo I had with R, about being grounded surfaced, and again, it made me happy to have the friends I have. (Thanks for keeping me, y'all! Forreal!) But anyway, as the golden party dwindled down, while we were just talking life, midsentence I suggested we head to Coney Island for the sunrise.

The charm of Coney Island relies mostly on its grit, disrepair, and knowing that the near future's development will close this place down for good. Last summer was the "last summer," which makes it being open this summer, a bonus. To me, the space is treated like a unicorn with a ticking time bomb around its neck; you see businesses have left for more promising pastures, because the inevitable is exactly that. Acting on our whim, we headed to C's place and picked up sweaters and blankets. We were originally on the hunt for 40s (I loves me a 40!) to take to the beach, but lo and behold nonesuch could be found in a neighborhood like Brooklyn Heights; so we stocked up on wine coolers, Asian popcorn snacks, and toilet paper! As we got bit up by mosquitoes, my girls and I draaaaanked our drinks and talked story. We peed in the hidden shadows of the beach, since the restrooms were locked until 6 am. (This is where we used our toilet paper.) We stretched and walked in the freshly tilled sand, which felt a lot like shag carpet. As the sun came up slowly, we left as the seagulls swooped in for breakfast. It was too foggy to see stars, but talking about sloppy first kisses in childhood and the history of now made up for it.

After a brief nap, I finally saw Os Gemeos at Deitch with K who I'd played phone tag with all last week! The twins make some gorgeous work, and their installation components were really interesting! My fave was the altered speakerheads portion, connected to a keyboard spewing hip hop samples, and some unfamiliar Brazilian songs. I just like shit like that, I turn out to be a very tactile learner. There was also this pyramid-like structure that blew bubbles from the mouth. Inside, it was lined with mirrored paneling, and the LCD lights changed every now and then. When I went in there, Sarah Mclachlan's "Angel" came on. Sobered me up, as it was a little depressing.

Late lunch with K was great, and we were super happy to find another person new to this type of community work. I love politicking and just learning about the challenges folks face in organizing settings. I realized that while I do work for the community, I don't think I'm more activist than community worker. I like that distinction, because I feel that activism requires more radical actions from the originator. Over a filling meal at a new restaurant, I was glad that K and I had the time together...and despite the bad music, we didn't realize that we'd been there for 3 fucking hours just swapping stories. So we left, and we tried to figure out how to use the next hour.

Headed to Chelsea for the Blue Scholars show. Ran into A and her crew while I was heading to Popburger to meet H. I had a Black and White shake while there. The food there is delicious, but it is WAY TOO NOISY. The restaurant's sound system is louder than DA CLUB, and it's just really unecessary since folks are just eating cheeseburgers. Back to Blue Scholars; just really happy to know those guys. Kind, talented, hard-working people who can pull a crowd! It's really hard to dislike them, especially when all your folks love them, too. Saw EVERYONEIKNOW at the show, including the my faves from Pinay Brunch and Deep Foundation --- who are releasing their LP this fall! Watch out for it. So, after dancing with my friends in the front row during the Blue Scholars set, I was spent!

Had a 3on3 with C and CJ at Baden Baden, because we loves the chicken there. And because CJ is good folks from Jersey, we headed back into Jersey City together, and he made sure I got home in one piece.

I am overwhelmed with the number of good people in my life! Yadda yadda.

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