Tuesday, August 19, 2008

low energy!

Still recovering from last night, but P's roof can always be an amazing cure. It's jsut a nice place to chill --- always breezy above the crowds. Today, H left forreal forreal! Kinda sad, but kinda not --- knew I was going to speak to her again when her plane landed, etc. See youse in the midwest, friend! Anyway, talking with the Chicagoans, P and S, was equally fantastic! After some time upstairs, S and I noticed all the cranes atop stories and stories of metal, constructing more unnecessary skyscrapers against the horizon. There were dragonflies and fat bumblebees attending to the rooftop gardens (about 14 floors up,) and random floating garbage (a la American Beauty.) Pretty and disturbing. Pretty disturbing.

Celebrated by seeing old neighbor A, and then meeting up with W for some delicious cream puffs! I was too sleepy upon getting hit by the -itis; it was distractingly embarrrasssing. So before I headed back home, because A is Korean, I promptly invited her to fall in love with Daniel Henney. Is that racist?

Or is this more racist? Resulting in this shirt? The POOR TASTE BLUES STRIKE AGAIN!


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