Monday, August 25, 2008

getting my last hurrahs in.

Summer 2008, you'll miss me.

Gosh. Summer is over. Friends have left the city to return to their lives. They are back in their home state, school, or just feeling the push of the approaching academic year---let's admit, the year still begins in September whether you're in school or not. But with all the departures, this coast is also receiving an entire new group of folks to add to the dailies. People seem to be looking for a restart; things are always going forward.

Had dinner with C, R, and V. 2 of us ate a fantastic steak sandwich, and 2 of us did not. Then Red Velvet Cake, YES! Debriefed about life and expectations, talked to R about comics! Felt like if I went home, it'd be some kind of surrender of this time; that I am expediting the end of this season and grilled corn, and free summer concerts in the sun. But I was getting sleepy anyway, and I was still quite a ways away from home. So, there goes that fight.

Also, why do I sweat this song so hard? I am always so slowjam partial.

Rain - Razah

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