Wednesday, August 13, 2008

food is my boyfriend.

It's delicious. Thank you to B for taking me for my first time, and thank you to R for showing me that they're the same cart! (That was a disguised tip for you.)

  • Looking for wedding venues has reiterated how difficult it is to find a free place to pee in NYC. I really think that's backwards. GIVE ME A PLACE TO PEE, FOOLS! (Aaaaand. I have a weak constitution. tee hee!)

  • The wedding venues are quite good looking, but I agreed with B that a person's demeanor greatly influences how to feel about a certain place. My, my! How off-putting some of the snooty-poots with whom we've come across! But, I think she's close to finding a working venue for her wedding! As soon as that date's set...really now...we shall celebrate, and get all the other steps going.

  • After a long day of walking around and dreaming up details, B and I sat down at a certain family restaurant in Times Square that smelled like the poops, and we made little notes about venues and visions and other things. And really, you can't beat afternoon wine.

  • I then went to V's in BK for MORE food. Her cooking did NOT disappoint! Saw my ladies, and felt gooooood.

  • Some guy was reppin Brick City, but talked about living on the Jersey Shore. Wack.

  • The canceled Qbert show meant that it was free for the rest of us. R had a friend playing there, but we missed his set by a matter of minutes. Enjoyed Roc Raida's set lots.

  • Being in that space made me think about those fools who get into fights at events, and then there's that one girl who's always all "RESPEK da club! Don't do dis here." While whoever says that is an idiot, I think it'd be a useful segue for dance battles.

  • Phelps is a beast! When people have a gorgeous butterfly, I really miss my varsity days. Thursday. That's a swimming day. Maybe.
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