Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bon voyage!

Byezies, H! See that face? SHE MEANS IT! While H is on the east coast pretty often, it is still a sad occasion to see her go! What a fun summer with my biffle! Had I not been so preoccupied, I woulda been able to see her on the daily; but a great summer with her nonetheless! We celebrated her departure on a MOnday night, and my oh my! Why was the place packed for no reason? Seriously, it was 1 am early Tuesday morning, no one but us had any business being there. My disdain for the noise made me feel old as hell, but I felt good that I wasn't alone.

It was a nice place to catch up with folks whose schedules are just misaligned with my own. Particularly, J, who I've been trying to coordinate with since APRIL! Ugh. She is one of my fave people, too. In the times we've hung out in group settings, K is someone who is super vibrant, and I just can't wait to spend more time with her, too! She is easily a good laughing time! So, it was good to meet these folks and play nice, as well as meet other portions of H's world, created this summer. (Personally, I've learned never to mix friends. Ever. Again.)

BONUS: if you look closely, you see me getting a little too extra with the ketchup. We ended the night with cheeseburgers, because, how else does one end a good night? This place was complete with a creepy guy at the bar, giving me (or quite possibly, the back of P's head) the eye. S was the smoothest at alerting me whenever his gaze would dart over by blatantly screaming, "AND, NOW!" I never looked over; I already sensed the wackness.

All these pix are stolen from P's facebook! Thanks, girl! She's kinda awesome. <3

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