Sunday, August 3, 2008

about to pop!

M is having her baby any day now! I missed the baby shower due to a scheduling conflict, but sent my gift through the registry! I really LOVE LOVE LOVE purchasing things from registries. I think it has to do with my love of lists! Anyway, watched Guys and Dolls with them over a large pizza pie with sweet tomato sauce: perfect for a Filipino palette!

I failed to mention that earlier in the week, H and I went to Six Flags: Great Adventure. We coulda had an even better time, but we were forced to sit uncomfortably behind a couple with body odor on the Log Flume. After which, we were over the park, despite the great build up leading to the trip. Luckily, B and A were also going with a group of a friends during the weekend, and I got to tag along! The day looked like this: El Toro, Superman, Dolphin Show, Congo Rapids, King Da Ka, Medusa, Runaway Mine Train, Batman: Dark Knight (which sucked!) and Nitro (3x, in the dark!) WE all agreed that it was the most productive we've ever been at the park, and it was a good return since most of us hadn't been back since some point of our teendom. King Da Ka being the group favorite (which despite being 7 seconds feels a whole lot longer,) makes my personal pick the gorgeous wooden El Toro (which has an amazing first drop)! But I think I've pushed my my roller coaster luck as far as I can for the time being. With ill-mannered and poorly trained tweens acting as roller coaster dispatchers, I'm sure the probability on keeping thangs safe is bound to decrease at some point. In any case, some of us purchased the ride photos; anticipate their surfacing.

Also, at Great ADventure, the Chiller and Freefall are no longer there! Check out this erm...requiem?
*With Chiller's breakdown in late June, the park needed more money to fix the problem. However, the park had already spent millions to fix the ride in the past, including back at the start of the year when two track sections were replaced. The Dark Knight Coaster had already been planned, taking a huge amount of cash out of the park's wallet. Not to mention future park renovations to occur during the off-season.

With all of this stuff waiting to be built, much cash was drained from the park to make these future changes a reality. The park decided to call up Premier to take a look at the problem, but in early September, Six Flags canceled all offers relating to the ride and decided to do away with it completely. Even with modifications, more problems would eventually return, so Six Flags decided to dismantle the ride.

Ohmahgawd, y'all! This poor person who put this video together must have loved the ride BAD! I think my fave is when the instrumental from Titanic creeps in. CLASSIC! (and CLASSY!)

Summer's coming to an end, I am prioritizing some time to enjoy this weather with my friends. When the fall starts, I'm sure it'll be insanely busy, and we'll all burrow ourselves back into our skins to prep for winter.

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