Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the way I operate.

I can't get myself to stop missing my vacation! I am seriously suffering from some wanderlust! Returning is similar to how your feet and legs and knees feel after a 2-hour session of rollerblading or ice skating, and you've just taken them off. I mean, you're functional, and you can walk around, but there's still that discomfort as you acclimate yourself to steady ground. There's that certain buzzing sensation, too... you just have to wait it out.

There are days when I am horribly unproductive. As in, sometimes, I forget to eat and sleep because I'm just in my head over-thinking my anxieties. My life becomes a queue of missed calls, unopened texts with somewhat urgent messages, and an inbox with over 10k unread messages. (I'm sorry y'all. I cannot deal!) So, I respond by hermitting and imagining myself as a self-sufficient island. (I didn't love that movie as much as others did.)

I radiate and fade away quickly. I have these manic spurts of productivity, and prolonged periods of stagnation. It's a pattern, and I talk to my girl, S, often to ensure that I don't shame myself too too much for not getting my check list done. And it's good that she's working on it, too. It's lovely and reassuring to have that kind of support. I'm pretty lucky!

But with all my downtime, at least I've caught up on my beloved j-doramas. <3 you, Satoshi! (I'm totally career stalking this man and watching his entire filmography.)

I'm such a stalker, but I guess it's his bad for being all famous and whatnot.

Back on task:
In an attempt to get my writing in order, prepare yourself for the release of various blog draft entries I've neglected. For those interested: I'm planning to reveal some side-projects I've been working on sometime soon! <3 So, this need to tidy up is getting the best of me, hence the new template, and a beefy check list!

So, let's bring it back to the basics, y'all. Too many frills distract.

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